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DRL Drafting & Design (DRLDD) is a full service drafting company servicing architectural / engineering firms, contractors, prestressed/precast concrete fabricators, and the general public. Our design professionals partner with the construction industry to support efficient project delivery.

While offering drafting services to many areas of the construction industry our primary focus is on the prestressed/precast concrete industry. Our services are geared toward engineers and producers, providing production and erection drawings for the fabrication of prestressed/precast concrete products. These projects can include residential and non-residential buildings, roads and bridges, water/sewer delivery systems or architectural accents.

Contract Drawings vs. Production Drawings

To produce and erect prestressed/precast concrete products, specific drawings must be generated from contract drawings. Contract drawings are general drawings that give direction of how the project is to be constructed, but seldom give the detail needed to produce and erect the individual pieces for the project. Production and erection drawings are the detailed drawings that enable the fabricator to produce the individual pieces then have them permanently placed within the project.

Our History

Donald R. Loew Jr., owner of DRLDD, brings 12+ years in the prestressed/precast concrete industry, as well as 21+ years in the construction industry. The company began by providing drafting services to local building contractors drawing residential and light commercial buildings. In 2010, Don realized a void with the precast/prestressed concrete industry and the availability of high quality and efficient drafting services, which facilitated the evolution of DRLDD a full service drafting firm.

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